We offer a selection of desiccated, toasted, organic and sweetened coconut, many of which bear our customers’ brands. We continuously reinvest in our production facilities to ensure that we produce the finest coconut items, and we follow a disciplined supply planning process so that our customers can count on timely and secure access to the coconut products they need. All of our traditional and toasted cuts of coconut are available in our Embé organic line, and come in a variety of pack sizes.


Flake coconut is the preferred cut for the grocery and foodservice markets. With a taste profile ranging from sweet to savory, these long, feathery flakes are the most popular cut of sweetened coconut.

Fancy Shred

Fancy Shred is described as long threads of coconut, which give it the maximum "shaggy" appearance when used as a cake topping or decoration.

Medium Shred

Medium shred is a coarser, more granular cut of coconut, and is used largely in a dried form throughout the confectionary and baking industries. It is selected when a heavier, chewier consistency is desired in the finished cut.


Macaroon coconut is a finely ground cut used throughout the baking industry for such items as macaroons, candies, cakes and cookies.

Short Shred

Short shred coconut is a slightly shorter version of fancy shred. These short strings of coconut are also referred to as “pie shred.”


Because of its crunchy texture and rich coconut flavor, sweetened toasted coconut is popular as a topping for cakes, pastries, donuts and ice cream.