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embē is our organic line of specialty coconut products. Grown in the Philippines with no fertilizers or pesticides by certified farms, embē organic coconut is supplied to Marx Brothers by certified organic processors. Our desiccated coconut is unsweetened and contains no additives or preservatives. All of our traditional and toasted cuts of coconut are available in our embē organic line, and come in a variety of pack sizes.

embē Organic Coconut Flour

Embé Organic Coconut Flour








Coconut Flour is a food-grade product from fresh, organic coconut meat which is dried, defatted and finely ground to produce the flour. Coconut flour is creamed-colored with a slight nutty odor, an airy texture, and a mildly sweet taste.

embē Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Embé Organic Virgin Coconut OilVirgin coconut oil (VCO) is extracted from the fresh meat of a mature organic coconut using a cold press, and is the purest form of coconut oil. VCO is high in lauric acids, making it beneficial for use in cooking, baking, supplements and beauty products. It is also free of hydrogenated oils, chemicals and additives.

embē Organic Coconut Sugar

Embé Organic Coconut Sugar








Coconut sugar is a natural organic sweetener that provides a caramel-like sweetness with no bitter aftertaste and is low on the glycemic index. It is produced from carefully extracted organic coconut nectar which is cooked on slow heat to let the liquid evaporate until sugar granules are formed. Coconut sugar is 100 percent natural and contains no additives, no anti-fermenting agents, no preservatives and no chemicals.

embē Organic Sweetend Coconut Chips

Embé Organic Sweetened & Toasted Coconut Chips








Organic toasted sweetened chip coconut is a sweet, pleasant, crunchy coconut product. Coconut chips are frequently consumed by themselves as snacks or combined into snack mixes.

embē Organic Coconut Milk Powder









Coconut Milk Powder is an organic, raw, unsweetened coconut cream in a white instant powder that's a great alternative for coconut milk, cream, and dairy products. It has a mild flavor of fresh coconut and can be used in shakes, smoothies, soups, curries and more. Use it as a creamer replacement in a coffee, latte or hot chocolate. Add to your smoothie or protein shake to thicken while making the consistency less chalky. It can be added to juices and yogurts to add a hint of coconut flavor. To prepare, mix 1 tablespoon to 4 oz. of hot water, this 7 oz. pouch produces 3 quarts of coconut milk.

embē Organic Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk is produced from fresh coconut meat of grown coconuts. It is smooth-flowing, creamy-white in color, and has a rich coconut flavor. It is ideal for use in beverages, and soup applications. Fat percentages of Coconut Milk is 7 to 9 percent fat and 16 to 18 percent fat. Mostly used in yogurt, ice cream, cocktails, and soup.